The Reality

"A broken teacher education sector is putting over 370 million children at risk."
Anil Swarup, Secretary Dept of Education- Ministry of Human Resource Development
Ref: Interview with
Absence of adequately qualified and trained teachers are clearly identified as the biggest of concerns in the Indian Schooling System. The country faces acute teachers shortage of 1.3 Million teachers because of the poor institutional capacity to train teachers, and the number is ever rising since 2012.

of teachers fail the post- qualification competency test-The central teacher eligibility test
teachers has no formal education for teaching profession
teachers shortage of teachers in India
of all students in India do not make it to college
of 5th standard students cannot read a standard 2 text

The Problem

Teachers have poor conceptual and fundamental understanding of some of the concepts they teach. Teacher have not adopted technology to aid in their teaching and lack formal training especially in the low income schools
Teachers lack conceptual clarity of topics
Teachers do not know of latest developments in pedagogy and assessments
Regular offline teacher training at scale not possible
Need for Teacher communities and for Parents, Teachers, and Students to communicate