Lifelong Learning Series

Continuing with our commitment to bring Lifelong Learning for our teaching community through different courses, sessions and community participation, we are introducing a progressive series of learning sessions. This is going to a 3 part weekly series covering various topics. The series ensures a stepwise understanding of these topics from basic to advanced level.

All scholastic courses are meticulously planned to enable you to deliver a delightful lesson in your classrooms. These courses are designed on an 11 point framework which ChalkLit Team has created with inputs from leading experts in the field of education pedagogy and teaching strategies. In addition, we will also be taking up a few co-scholastic topics, which are designed to not only build educator's understanding around the topic but to also enable them to deliver it in their classrooms as part of the curriculum.

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Lifelong Learning Series 1.0 (Basic)

This Friday, we launch the basic level courses in English listening, speaking, reading and writing along with building a sense of numbers in Maths.
Highlight of Lifelong Learning Series 1.0:

  1. Basic, Intermediate to Advance progressive learning on a topic
  2. Apart from exploring the topic more in-depth, every higher level of training on the topic will also have a bonus Q&A chapter addressing teachers' queries or doubts from previous level training.
  3. Our 11 point framework ensures that you have a whole set of tools, resources and strategies available to you to deliver the topic in your classroom across grades.
  4. A Certificate of Proficiency to all participants who successfully complete all 3 levels of training on a topic.

We will be coming up with progressively advanced level courses on each topic in subsequent weeks. Keep learning!

Teaching Strategies: Understanding Numbers (In English)
Deepen your understanding of how students learn and process the numbers and relate the sense of numbers to different physcial objects and events around them
Enhancing Skills: English Speaking and Listening (In English)
To accomplish effective speaking and listening, there are 10 effective skills that must be mastered. Know what are these skills and get access to resources and activities that you can share with your students.
Enhancing Skills: English Reading and Writing (In English)
To accomplish effective Reading and Writing, there are 12 effective skills that must be mastered. Know what are these skills and get access to resources and activities that you can share with your students.
Engage With Children at Home (In English)
Develop a deeper understanding of the impact of school closures and limited social interactions on children. Learn simple activities and strategies to engage with your children/students more meaningfully at home.
शिक्षण कार्यनीतियां: संख्या समझ (हिंदी में )
यह प्रशिक्षण छात्रों की संख्याओं को सीखने और संसाधित करने और उनके आसपास की विभिन्न भौतिक वस्तुओं और घटनाओं से संबंधित संख्याओं की समझ से संबंधित आपकी समझ को गहरा करेगा ।
  • ChalkLit is a not for profit initiative, money paid for trainings are donations used to improve our platform and content for you during these tough times.
  • Free trainings offered by the State/SCERT will continue to be provided.

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