Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP)
Leave No One Behind

To ensure great life and learning outcomes for our students, teachers have always focused on holistic development of students, which in addition to academic skills includes social, emotional, cognitive, character building and physical skills. This has never been an easy task given the diversity of background and the needs of our students. In addition, these extended school shutdowns owing to COVID require teachers to explore new paradigms of remote engagement and teaching approaches - using online and other digital means.

In our next set of courses, along with training on academic topics, we will bring you thought provoking training on teaching as leadership, school leadership, life-skills, financial literacy, gender awareness, problem solving, mental health, critical thinking and many more, while keeping focus on remote teaching strategies. Here are the next series of courses in LLP.

An Appeal


Lifelong Learning Plan

We have been overwhelmed by your eagerness to learn since the launch of LLP in the last week of March 2020. Following your encouraging response to our earlier LLP editions and the Lifelong Learning Series, we are announcing next courses in LLP. In this edition, we bring to you a bouquet of training to provide you inputs on further improvement of your own capacity as an educator and also to nurture your ideas on whole child development in areas of language learning and their physical and emotional well being.

शिक्षण कार्यनीतियां: भिन्न एवं दशमलव (हिंदी में)
इस कठिन विषय में छात्र गलतफहमियों को समझें और उन्हें एवं अन्य अवधारणाओं को दूर करने के लिए योजनाएँ और गतिविधियाँ जानें
Curriculum Strategies: English Writing Skills (In English)
Become an expert in helping your students develop English Writing Skills by integrating English Writing across the curriculum. Get strategies and fun activities which you can use across the curriculum to develop English writing proficiency in students.
Curriculum Strategies: English Speaking Skills (In English)
Become an expert in helping your students develop English Speaking Skills by integrating English Speaking across the curriculum. Get strategies which you can use across the curriculum to develop English speaking proficiency in students.
Online Pedagogy & Teaching Strategy: Teacher Centered Pedagogy (In English)
Get to know the three primary pedagogies and get an indepth understading of the teacher centered pegadogy approaches. Also build your capacity on how to infuse ICT enables activities of teacher centered pedagogy.
Understanding Emotional Needs of a Child (In English)
The training will build our understanding on emotional needs of child at different age groups (infants to teen agers) and what we can do to meet their emotional needs during this time and hence improving their emotional skills.
Effective School Leadership in COVID Times (In English)
Understand ways to lead your schools remotely and support teachers and students during this COVID times. Also get ideas and ways to maintain good mental health of your staff and your own self.
  • ChalkLit is a not for profit initiative, money paid for trainings are donations used to improve our platform and content for you during these tough times.
  • Free trainings offered by the State/SCERT will continue to be provided.

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